I don’t even want to put the word in my title.
The word, that holds so much pain and sorrow.
Three letters.
How can three tiny letters have killed
millions and millions of people?

Why do humans kill each other in the most gruesome way?
Because of not even one percent difference in our genes?
Because of religion, which is man-made?
Because of sexuality?
Or because of fear?
Fear of the unknown.

My heart aches when I think about, what is happening
and what has been happening my whole life.
I don’t think I ever heard the news without hearing about violence.
It made me sick. So sick, that I coudn’t stop crying on some days.
So I quit the news.
Sadly though the violence won’t quit.
The three-letter-word won’t quit.

I sit in the dim light, while the baby is falling asleep in the next room.
I had to stop writing this text to change his diaper.
He’s not mine and still I’m scared about his future.
I’m scared about every childs future.
The ones that will have to die in a fight that will not be theirs.
The ones that will be raped and killed for their gender.
The ones that will be slain with hate because of their skin colour.
The ones that will think they’re better than others because of their heritage.
But most of all, the ones that have to live in this world.

So why don’t you just:
Stop hating and start accepting.
Stop fearing and start asking.
Stop yelling and start listening.



This is my response to Against the Next War by Café Philos. Great and very important movement he started.

My soul-brother Matti has written a powerful piece as well as the talented Kat.

13 Kommentare zu „Three-letter-word

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    1. Thank you so very much. This means a lot to me since I usually write in german and was worried I couldn’t get my feelings across.

      My solidarity will always be with kindness and love instead of hate and violence and I am very glad you started this movement and thus connected us with each other and hopefully loads more like us.

      Gefällt 1 Person

  1. It took me four days to get to this poem, but I’m glad I did. Yours is the voice of millions who cannot express themselves. You speak beautifully, for yourself and for them. Happy to meet you, brother. I’m Jane


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