Kinder kriegen – Das ist hier die Frage. Oder?

Die Frage kommt nicht unerwartet, denn ich habe sie schon unendliche Male in meinem Leben gehört und dennoch ist sie so persönlich wie kaum eine andere. Wir haben eben noch darüber gesprochen, ob ich mir vorstellen kann, bis zur Rente in diesem Berufsfeld zu arbeiten und da wird mir schon klar, worauf mein älterer Kollege... Weiterlesen →


The Night – Chapter Two

Note: Trigger warning - explicit content. ____________________________________________________________ Elliot lay on his roof-deck staring at the sky. Dark clouds seemed to be dancing there and they looked graceful but ominous at the same time. It was night again but he was alone. Three weeks he hadn't heard from Kale. After the last time he had hoped... Weiterlesen →

A mother

"Honey" she says coming up the stairs. "I brought you something." From behind her back she brings out a water gun with the star wars theme on it. The boy is beyond himself. He hugs her half heartedly rips the gun out of her hands and start to unpack it. "We can play a little... Weiterlesen →

The Night – Chapter One

Dazed Elliot opened his eyes. The last thing he could remember, was listening to the smooth breathing of the man sleeping next to him. Obviously he had fallen asleep over it himself and then had had this weird dream. It had put him in kind of a melancholic state even though he could hardly remember... Weiterlesen →


Raindrops like cold kisses on my bare skin Wind tucks playfully at my skirt A smell we just talked about Lovely petrichor Freddie wants to break free I just want to go home Suddenly lightning strikes The sky shines silvery bright No thunder to hear though The air feels lighter now And I try to... Weiterlesen →

Two faces / Zwei Gesichter

Update: I took this poem about depression I wrote a while ago and translated it into english and even transformed it a bit, so check it out.

Kurze Geschichten

Deep inside me dwells a jokester.
As soon as I socialize, he starts to take over.
He takes control.
He’s amusing and always chipper.
He’s able to laugh though I feel like crying.
He’s open and pleasant though I can’t stand to see a soul.
And if you ask him, everything’s always just fine.

Deep inside me dwells a jokester.
They all love him and want to spend time with him.
He always listens and helps wherever he can.
No burden is to heavy, no challenge to hard.
And if you ask him, the answer will never be no.

But when I go home.
And when I’m alone.
When no one can see me.
He locks himself up.
He closes the curtains.
He leaves behind, just me.
And then I feel empty.
And tears start streaming down my face.
Coming from the darkest of my soul.
And then I…

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The Night – Prolouge

He was shrouded by the most wonderful smell anyone could imagine. It seemed to sharpen his mind. Everything was more clear and intense than he'd ever felt. He found himself in an elaborate maze – none of those you could really get lost in, since he was able to overlook the whole terrain. This one... Weiterlesen →


I don't even want to put the word in my title. The word, that holds so much pain and sorrow. Three letters. How can three tiny letters have killed millions and millions of people? Why do humans kill each other in the most gruesome way? Because of not even one percent difference in our genes?... Weiterlesen →


Ich sitze mit meinem besten Freund im Kino und wie immer stöhnen wir bereits genervt auf, als der Einspieler der Werbung losgeht. Ein Mann sortiert irgendetwas in der Wohnung, während seine Frau oder Freundin - genau ist das nicht definiert - sich von hinten an ihn heran schleicht und ihn mit einem Kinogutschein überrascht. Dazu... Weiterlesen →

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